Friday, 19 January 2007

PETA takes on racism!

Newspapers in India and the UK have their collective panties in a bunch over "Big Brother", a reality TV show where an Indian contestant is supposedly facing racial abuse from the other white contestants. Just another media-generated uproar over something utterly pointless. The twist here is that PETA is weighing in against the racism!

Now, why would PETA as an organization care about racism? Well, it seems Shilpa Shetty, the Indian contestant facing the alleged abuse, is a PETA activist (like a lot of other dumb celebrities) and has featured in a PETA ad campaign. Just like any other street gang, PETA takes care of its own, even if it means coming up with moronic slogans like "Stop Big Brother Circus Cruelty — Vote for Shilpa" -- and of course, taking their clothes off. Gotta hand it to these PETA activists -- always willing to shed their clothes at the drop of a hat. PETA has not encountered a problem which cannot be addressed by shedding clothes, .... which come to think of it, is not half bad an idea.

If I were Shilpa, I wouldn't be too happy about PETA's support. They kill the ones they care about.

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